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Piterion GmbH

PITERION is rooted in a sound software development know-how that has been enriched over the years by extensive industrial expertise in product lifecycle management and industrial IT. Our aim is to make the engineering processes of our customers even more efficient when it comes to product creation and marketing. The PITERION consultants will show you ways and means of achieving this goal. Based on these, our software and IT specialists create tailor-made solutions.

PITERION is maintaining partnerships with important system providers in PLM and CAD so that we understand the specific features of the respective solution in detail. We are determined to implement solutions for our customers' problems that draw very close to the standards of purchased solutions, so that any unnecessary consequential costs are avoided. Closely collaborating with various companies in areas like semantics networks, Big Data, virtual reality or measured data management, we can also fall back on available ideas and solution approaches here, so that we can completely focus on our customers' problems in industrial IT.

Our process consultants will co-operate with you in developing various ways how to map your company culture and operation methods in your system landscape. In the most diverse branches we have installed many solutions for every phase of a product life cycle, gaining valuable experience in which you can share as well. Our know-how includes PLM, CAx, digital factory, ERP, After Sales and a lot more.


In the age of rapid digitization on the threshold of the 4th Industrial Revolution ('Industry 4.0'), a major task is to deal with already existing data and established system structures. As a rule, companies are only using a minor fraction of their available data, which in turn means that huge potential efficiency stays unused.



The way in which information is selected and displayed is the key to the acceptance of a system among the intended users, with the potential user groups and information consumers shifting and expanding at the same time. In the past, it has been mainly experts and developers who have used their specific software systems, but now, information has to be prepared and made accessible by intuitive use of executives, workers, service staff, partners and customers alike.



Looking at the technological development of digital systems in the past few years, there are unprecedented possibilities opening up for professional industrial IT, supported and driven by the rapid development in the end consumer sector. The computing power of smartphones is now perfectly sufficient for most industrial applications. Functions of laptops and tablets have already merged and the market produces quite new form factors of terminals, converging towards wearables, virtual reality and the Internet of Things.



Product lifecycle management originates from the automotive and aerospace industries. Many other branches have been added since. In the age of Industry 4.0, PLM has been enriched and complemented by neighbouring fields of application, so that the steps of industrial product development and marketing merge into a more and more continuous sequence. PITERION is following this development so that we have acquired branch expertise in automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, energy, shipcraft, rail transport, electronics, medical technology, agriculture and leisure and consumer goods.

New use cases and solution approaches of cross-sector interest originate from the at times absolutely different perspectives on seemingly similar issues by different branches and companies. We would be pleased to let you share in our cross-sector experience for the better of your business objectives that you may pursue even faster and more efficiently.


PITERION is ISO 9100 certified and meets the current quality standards of ISO 9001.

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