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Taking quality control and sales to the next levelTaking quality control and sales to the next level

An entirely new level of quality control for products and parts, as well as applications in training, sales, service, and maintenance: that’s what Diota, a leading provider in the field of augmented reality, is offering with its solutions, in conjunction with traditional PLM applications. Reason enough for the French company to be an interesting partner for PITERION.

Full clarification of options for optimal migration to Teamcenter UAFull clarification of options for optimal migration to Teamcenter UA

What are the options for a viable migration from Siemens Teamcenter Enterprise to Teamcenter UA? Piterion carried out a detailed analysis on behalf of an international brand manufacturer and provided answers to this and many other questions.

Automated parts-list synchronization between SAP and Teamcenter leads to 230 hours in time savingsAutomated parts-list synchronization between SAP and Teamcenter leads to 230 hours in time savings

Teamcenter and SAP are two powerful tools whose data is used in different fields – on the one hand for Product Lifecycle Management and on the other for ERP. Furthermore, they typically speak different languages and operate in two separate data worlds. At a big company from the medical technology business, one of the things this affected was parts-list management, for example for computer...

When factory planning suddenly keeps pace with vehicle designWhen factory planning suddenly keeps pace with vehicle design

In the automobile industry, factories start planning the manufacture of a new model while the car is still being developed, otherwise it would take too long to launch the product onto the market. This usually involves two or three years of intense digital collaboration between the areas of construction and factory planning over numerous milestones, together with a vast number of modifications and...

Unleash the value of your
Product Lifecycle Management!

The digitization and all related technologies and trends mean terrific chances and risks for companies; the need to change internal processes and the whole value-added chain is compelling. Many suppliers of innovative solutions, whether complete or parts, can help industrial enterprises and suppliers make headway in more or less big steps. It is essential to keep the total in sight, to focus on the essentials and not to lose touch with your history and objectives.

PITERION has decades of experience with implementing and integrating solutions in the core business of our customers: product-related processes, systems and data from the early planning phase till recycling. We commit ourselves to our customers' economic success by not developing and selling our own products but by focussing instead on selecting the solution that best fits each individual customer, by adapting it to the business processes and by integrating it into the system structure. Many customers from the most different branches and countries appreciate this kind of service.

Being a flexible SME, we have established many partnerships with big or small suppliers to provide this combination that would best address our customer's individual problem, jointly with our partners. Quickly established prototypes, help us point out the solution's power and any potential obstacles.

Being a technology scout, we are persistently acquiring new innovative suppliers: real specialists, the best ones, those who can also enrich your business. You will, hence, solve your tasks not only "in a different way" but, indeed, with industrial efficiency!