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Making changes directly in the virtual reality environmentMaking changes directly in the virtual reality environment

Today, virtual reality (VR) applications are a common sight in many areas of construction design, for example to view a virtual simulation of an industrial facility before it is made. With its VR Inspection application, PITERION is enabling users to perform actions directly within the virtual reality environment by allowing them to create change specifications at the relevant position in the...

using Teamcenter more effectively using Teamcenter more effectively

A leading global provider of marine technology tasked PITERION with optimizing the complex work processes in its PLM Teamcenter client. While Phase 1 of the project dealt with straightforward changes in configuration, Phase 2 saw PITERION delve deeper into the programming to customize individual client applications according to customer requirements. The project’s objective was to achieve...

Taking quality control and sales to the next levelTaking quality control and sales to the next level

An entirely new level of quality control for products and parts, as well as applications in training, sales, service, and maintenance: that’s what Diota, a leading provider in the field of augmented reality, is offering with its solutions, in conjunction with traditional PLM applications. Reason enough for the French company to be an interesting partner for PITERION.

Full clarification of options for optimal migration to Teamcenter UAFull clarification of options for optimal migration to Teamcenter UA

What are the options for a viable migration from Siemens Teamcenter Enterprise to Teamcenter UA? Piterion carried out a detailed analysis on behalf of an international brand manufacturer and provided answers to this and many other questions.

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PITERION has decades of experience with implementing and integrating solutions in the core business of our customers: product-related processes, systems and data from the early planning phase till recycling. Many customers from the most different branches and countries appreciate this kind of service.
Being a technology scout, we are persistently acquiring new innovative suppliers: real specialists, the best ones, those who can also enrich your business. You will, hence, solve your tasks not only "in a different way" but, indeed, with industrial efficiency!