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Cost-estimation Access database for a German automotive manufacturer

Wednesday, 03/29/2017

Initial situation/problem: SOS - when the database completely fails

To control all relevant production costs, a large German automotive manufacturer estimates costs using a home-grown database developed from MS Access that provides interfaces to the departments of purchasing and logistics.

In this database, the staff computes the expenses for larger prefabricated parts in proportion to the individual components and monitor any discrepancies. Therefore, the Access database is an important decision-making tool for purchasing.

Since October 2016, the system was not available due to internal software and hardware problems.

Hence, the manufacturer commissioned the PLM service enterprise, PITERION, with an advisory service and development of a new database model to relaunch the available Access database.

Solution/success story: Rescue operation succeeded!

Within as little as a month, PITERION had reconfigured the existing database and preserved it that way. Even the old data inventory was included. In addition, the PLM service provider extended and updated the cost structure and enhanced it with other relevant content, such as new positions for variations of the brand.

PITERION set up a mirrored test database. It copied the data and tested the system in advance in this safe environment.

Objective: The present database should be integrated into a new database. More interfaces and more features would then be available to several departments along the process chain for processing larger data volumes.

The customer was very content with the quick restoration of the database due to the period of total data failure had been reduced in this way.

The customer's benefit: A new testing environment creating safety

Beside the expansion of the data model, including new variations and cost structures, PITERION stabilized the original system and restored it. This included installing an additional test environment that now enables new improvement options, on account of this redundant test system, that had not been available previously This allows for a stable and robust process before introducing new software packages.

Also, the manufacturer can now fall back on a constant end user support and training model. A PITERION employee is available on site and ready with an answer when any problems occur. New releases are announced before they go-live in the specially created newsletter. A convenient benefit: The customer can access the included documentation of the rollout any time.

'We were the fire fighters of this project and were able to save the database for the customer and much of their data,' said a PITERION manager. 'In the end, the new test environment creates more stability and redundancy for emergency cases.'

Cost-estimation Access database for a German automotive manufacturer
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