With its robust AR tracking system, PITERION partner Diota is paving the way for new applications and scenarios

Taking quality control and sales to the next level

Friday, 09/21/2018

An entirely new level of quality control for products and parts, as well as applications in training, sales, service, and maintenance: that’s what Diota, a leading provider in the field of augmented reality, is offering with its solutions, in conjunction with traditional PLM applications. Reason enough for the French company to be an interesting partner for PITERION.

Piterion is always looking for partners around the world with which it can deploy highly innovative digital technologies in industry. Its focus is on providers with top-quality solutions that enable groups of users to view and utilize product data at certain stages of the product lifecycle. Often, these solutions open up completely new applications and scenarios for users and companies. One such partner of interest for PITERION is the French company Diota. Diota’s excellent reputation is mainly due to its specialized tracking software for augmented reality solutions, which are used, for example, for quality control in manufacturing.

Direct comparison between product data and real-life objects

In more specific terms, Diota’s software gathers real-time information from a physical object and compares it to the corresponding product and construction data. This, for example, can be used to check whether individual parts are present and in the correct position on the actual object. PITERION recently marked the beginning of its partnership with Diota by highlighting this area of application at PLM Europe. Working on a 3D-printed motorcycle at the trade fair, Diota’s software once again proved why it is so powerful: despite the motorbike’s comparatively complex 3D-printed forms (organic design) and the optically unfavorable environment of the trade show, it nevertheless demonstrated its incredibly robust AR tracking system, which is founded on a combination of SLAM and model-based algorithms.

Robot-based inspections are also possible

Furthermore, standardized measures such as quality inspections can be carried out either manually by employees or – a new feature at Diota – by robots. This doesn’t even require any programming: using data from the corresponding PLM system, the solution calculates how the robot should proceed with the item to be inspected, or which observation points it needs to head for.

Further uses are also conceivable in the field of assembly, for instance in aircraft construction. If a mobile device is equipped with a projection unit, then highly accurate information and data can be projected and visualized directly on the object. For example, technicians can project individual mounting points or data for a specific task onto the airframe with millimeter precision. In this way, users and companies benefit from significantly lower error rates, as it is no longer necessary to transfer information from the drawing to the object manually. In addition, carrying out quality inspections at the same time can save a significant amount of effort.

Displaying animated instructions

Further fields of application include service, maintenance, and training. Taking a vehicle as an example, technicians could use a mobile device on-site to display animated instructions on how to install or remove certain components. It’s also possible for users to display an object on their devices in real time and change its color as required. This functionality could be particularly useful in sales meetings, where a customer may want to view a seat in different colors or see a digital version of how various features would look on the final product. The color data chosen by the customer can then be forwarded automatically to the manufacturing department.

Perfect PLM integration forms the basis

The foundation for this and similar applications and scenarios is always the smooth and seamless integration between the Diota solution and the existing (PLM) systems and customer processes – the area for which PITERION is responsible in the partnership. Only then can the contracting company be sure to benefit fully from each solution.

Taking quality control and sales to the next level
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