Digital twin of laboratories with voice control system and artificial intelligence for active monitoring and management

Digital Lab Manager

Wednesday, 04/24/2019

The Digital Lab Manager (DLM) displays information about one or more laboratories and their machines in a clear and intuitive application (web or mobile). By semantically linking several data sources from different information systems and values based on experience, it provides forecasts for improving capacity utilization and helps to prevent potential downtime. In situations where something exceptional occurs, the DLM will also suggest solutions and can solve problems independently. By integrating a voice user interface like Alexa, the system actively informs users of particular events and can receive instructions.


Customers often aren’t aware of how a system works or which laboratory elements are available in which configuration. Here, configuration management is used to determine whether a machine is suitable in order to prevent failures. For this to happen, data needs to be in a form that can be used by the respective user group. The Digital Lab Manager can determine whether a machine really is performing well for the customer and provides assistance on how an effective machine should look and behave (predictive maintenance).

Alliance between user and machine

The linking of several data sources and the interpretation of this data can help to reduce standard tasks for users, meaning their flexibility and creativity can be used in the value creation process instead. In today’s event-driven information systems, machines utilize their high computing power and storage capacities to carry out monitoring and information activities along with standard tasks.


  • A clear, intuitive, and modern user interface
  • Runs on the web and as a native desktop and mobile application
  • Central login (single sign-on) and role-based client
  • Universal navigation concept
  • Map to show geographical location and aggregated status with direct link to the laboratory
  • Drill-down from overviews to more detailed information (from the laboratory network to individual machines in the lab)
  • Depiction of the laboratory setup (machines and how they are arranged) using an interactive 3D view (extent and depth of integration depends on the technical capacity of the web-based 3D visualization solution)
  • Integration of a virtual private assistant (Google Home, Alexa, or Siri) to retrieve information / manage the application
  • Status display (green, orange, red) for certain time periods (“Current”, “Today”, “This week”)
  • Simulation of various current and anticipated incidents, with suggestions for solutions
  • Various scenarios and parameters (such as personnel and material logistics, market data, data from IoT sensors combined with previous maintenance experience, etc.) are already integrated

Customer benefits

With PITERION, customers benefit not only from the company’s long-standing experience as a PLM specialist and its resulting expertise in business processes, but also from innovative applications validated initially through proof-of-concepts, which are quickly and easily conceived, worked through methodically, and then developed together with customers in creative workshops.
Our work with institutions such as universities and research facilities gives us inspiration for new ideas, providing our portfolio with a breath of fresh air and enhancing what we can offer to our customers.
Digital Lab Manager
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PITERION is an international PLM service provider headquartered in Germany with branches in the USA, India, Tunisia, Sweden, Switzerland and Poland. Our highly qualified staff offers solutions and services independent of system manufacturers. We always follow the provisions of the EN 9100 (aerospace), ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality management standards. We have set up internal standards and processes that enable us to maintain a consistently high quality of service across our sites throughout the world.

We constitute a competent and independent partner of our customers providing tailor-made solutions and services. Jointly with our technology providers we may therefore support the PLM strategy of our customers in the best way possible.