PITERION make sure the PLM system runs with the highest possible levels of availability and to safeguard the smooth operation of its components and features

Optimally designed test runs

Tuesday, 07/23/2019
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A northern European certification and engineering service provider is in a better position than ever to deal with significantly higher workloads with the same number of employees thanks to a highly customized PLM system and the extensive digitalization of numerous processes. Various tests carried out by PITERION at regular intervals ensure the reliability of these processes and other features during operation.

Situation and challenge

The company in this case study is an international corporation based in Scandinavia whose portfolio includes certification, inspection, and testing services. A PLM system developed by PITERION has been available to all divisions and departments at the company for internal use since 2018. The objective was to help the existing number of employees deal with a significantly higher workload and to finally digitalize essential processes and procedures – in particular in project management.

In order to fulfill the many different requirements of individual departments and users, it was important to have a centralized solution that depicted a wide variety of project types, working methods, and workflows. It was also essential to observe all user roles, user rights, and security measures.

With this in mind, the system – based on the proven Teamcenter platform – is made up of several individual software components, including elements developed by PITERION for Active Workspace, the Teamcenter web interface. This makes the solution far more complex than a standard use case. Ensuring smooth operation and high levels of availability is therefore all the more important, especially given the number of regular modifications and updates involved.


By carrying out regular, well-planned test runs – for example smoke, component, and integration testing – PITERION works as an external partner to make sure the PLM system runs with the highest possible levels of availability and to safeguard the smooth operation of its components and features.

As a part of this process, the PITERION test manager defines each test strategy together with the customer’s decision makers. Implementation is carefully coordinated with the existing development process and the tools available. Here, processes and tools can be enhanced and customized at any time for optimum test results.

PITERION is also at hand to develop new test scenarios for any standards or requirements that are added. What’s more, our test team will devise smoke tests, which ensure the basic availability and functionality of the system when adding new versions. The team is also responsible for regression tests, which are carried out whenever a new version has been developed for the basic platform and check that older components continue to be fully functional. Both test types are automated step by step and are added to the continuous integration system.

Customer benefits

The customer has benefited significantly from the outset through PITERION’s philosophy and approach. Thanks to many years of experience on regular software-development projects, PITERION has gained a deep understanding of what is important when designing and carrying out test runs – for example, that it’s best to be proactive in identifying potential faults or incompatibilities. PITERION’s specialists are then better prepared for the second stage when recommending just the right programming measures for any errors identified.

In addition, with PITERION’s nearshore test center located in the same time zone as the customer site, tests can be carried out and coordinated with minimum delay. The fact that local testers have a good understanding of European work and communication practices, as well as there being a test manager on site, is often beneficial to smooth operations as well.

During operations, all tests, requirements, changes, adjustments, and outcomes are documented in a central tool. The dependency matrices configured for this purpose make the relationships between requirements, test cases, test implementations, and errors a lot clearer and easier to understand. Daily discussions between the PITERION test team and the in-house development team ensure that communication is smooth and efficient, which prevents any unnecessary misunderstandings or delays.
Optimally designed test runs
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PITERION is an international PLM service provider headquartered in Germany with branches in the USA, India, Tunisia, Sweden, Switzerland and Poland. Our highly qualified staff offers solutions and services independent of system manufacturers. We always follow the provisions of the EN 9100 (aerospace), ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 14001 quality management standards. We have set up internal standards and processes that enable us to maintain a consistently high quality of service across our sites throughout the world.

We constitute a competent and independent partner of our customers providing tailor-made solutions and services. Jointly with our technology providers we may therefore support the PLM strategy of our customers in the best way possible.