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crosslync.campus: Making digitalization a tangible experience from the start

Friday, 04/03/2020
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One of the keys to successful digital transformation is to make it a clear and tangible experience for all of the stakeholders involved, convincing them of the benefits from an early stage.

In practice, however, the process often begins with the tough task of gathering information and forming opinions based on complex and abstract material. It can then take a lot of mental effort to apply this to the individual situation.

As a result, it isn’t uncommon for companies to invest large sums in digitalization – before really knowing if the processes and measures have been chosen and designed in the best possible way.

Equally important is how well the system is received by users at a later stage. After all, costly software and digitalization measures sometimes fail because users end up rejecting them.


With this in mind – and drawing on the experience of its own internal change process – PITERION has developed crosslync.campus.

This technical and educational solution allows all stakeholders to experience the company’s digital transformation process in advance and to play an active part in its design – all in a fast and cost-effective way. Advantages and disadvantages can be discussed to a certain extent on the “living system,” helping to make the benefits clearer and more tangible.
At the same time, digitalization measures can be tested for later user acceptance – and any necessary action taken to improve it.

There are also tools for modeling business processes, which then extract and use the necessary data from the principle systems at runtime – a quality that gives the application fully fledged real-time capabilities.

Specific projects can be implemented both swiftly and cost-effectively thanks to a flexible development environment with staging systems and microservices. Based on cloud architecture, crosslync.campus can be used both on-site and remotely.

Digitization up to the digital factory

crosslync.campus: Making digitalization a tangible experience from the start
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We constitute a competent and independent partner of our customers providing tailor-made solutions and services. Jointly with our technology providers we may therefore support the PLM strategy of our customers in the best way possible.