Targeted training for pharma employees, as well as new opportunities for improvement and optimization

crosslync.pharmatrain: More security and lower costs for compliance with legal regulations

Friday, 04/03/2020


Pharmaceutical companies must ensure that their employees know and comply with a multitude of legal regulations – such as those laid down by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

However, with companies often lacking transparency in the responsibilities and knowledge levels of their staff, many make read-and-understand information, briefings, and training courses mandatory for far more employees than necessary.

The resulting additional costs for businesses are estimated at around €15 million per year.


crosslync.pharmatrain provides an effective solution to this issue: developed by PITERION, this system enables pharma companies to completely digitalize the briefing and training process – finely tuned to the special requirements of the industry.

The system consolidates all individual processes and levels in one application in a clear and transparent way – from regulations, training courses, and business processes through to the relevant skills and expertise of each employee. Various connectivity options allow data to be drawn from a variety of existing systems, for example individual learning management platforms.
Using this as a framework, crosslync.pharmatrain makes it possible to provide targeted training and to link information across a number of different levels. This opens up numerous opportunities for optimization and improvement, which increases the ability to compete.

Resources can also be used in a much better and more targeted way, while companies are significantly more secure in terms of complying with legal regulations.
crosslync.pharmatrain: More security and lower costs for compliance with legal regulations
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