Working culture and framework conditions

We hold at least one corporate meeting a year. Here we have the opportunity to get a taste of the tasks and projects of the other colleagues through workshops and lectures and to get involved proactively. Our work culture promotes and demands to contribute own ideas and suggestions and to grow in the tasks. PITERION is always open to openness and tolerance. As anchored in our corporate culture, colleagues, managers and the management are always available for questions and ideas.


PITERION puts the employee in the foreground and attaches great importance to a corporate culture of the "open-door mentality" as well as an environment in which employees feel at home.

Despite the distance between the individual locations, our employees are well connected via social networks. This strong network and the team spirit are the basis for an informal and friendly togetherness. Another peculiarity is that we at PITERION Duzen - no matter what level of hierarchy. This underlines our open, dynamic and direct working environment. Especially during periods of strong growth, all doors were and are open without exception, which allows PITERION to remain changeable.

We value the fact that the employees want to get involved and make a difference. Because change means growth and thus also many opportunities to personally change and develop. For this reason, for example, marketing employees have become outstanding sales managers or even developers of innovation managers.

Nothing is impossible - you just have to help shape it yourself!

Joint excursions and events - such as the PITWiesn (the Oktoberfest), the PitSummer Festival and the PitChristmas Celebration - demand team spirit and a feeling of togetherness.