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Accelerateyour progress
Optimally designed test runsOptimally designed test runs

A northern European certification and engineering service provider is in a better position than ever to deal with significantly higher workloads with the same number of employees thanks to a highly customized PLM system and the extensive digitalization of numerous processes. Various tests carried out by PITERION at regular intervals ensure the reliability of these processes and other features…

The ClassifierThe Classifier

Today’s industrial companies have vast amounts of data and technical documents stored on their product-lifecycle and data-management systems, and the only way of managing this data is through an automated pre-sorting and classification process.

VR InspectionVR Inspection

Today, virtual reality (VR) applications are a common sight in many areas of construction design, for example to view a virtual simulation of an industrial facility before it is made. With its VR Inspection application, PITERION is enabling users to perform actions directly within the virtual reality environment by allowing them to create change specifications at the relevant position in the…

Using Teamcenter more effectively Using Teamcenter more effectively

A leading global provider of marine technology tasked PITERION with optimizing the complex work processes in its PLM Teamcenter client. While Phase 1 of the project dealt with straightforward changes in configuration, Phase 2 saw PITERION delve deeper into the programming to customize individual client applications according to customer requirements. The project’s objective was to achieve…

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Use the full potential of professional Product Lifecycle Management

From the initial planning phase through to recycling, professional Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) has the potential to open up tremendous opportunities for your company – by reducing costs, improving quality, and increasing customer satisfaction. As a full-service provider, our portfolio includes everything that matters – in Germany and in many other countries, too.

We have a policy of not being tied to any manufacturer, which means we’ll always find the most suitable partners to make your project a success. What’s more, our cross-industry know-how will provide even more added value. We’re looking forward to working with you!