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Siemens Teamcenter : German car manufacturer improves data management with customizable web clients

Sunday, 10/01/2017

Initial situation / challenge: Wasted time and effort in data management due to the use of several clients

Thousands of employees at a leading German automobile manufacturer use Siemens Teamcenter as a PLM system for their product development data processes.

The problem: A considerable amount of programming is required for tools to work across the various systems. In addition, employees often have to use several clients to access all the data they need. This can be cumbersome, and wastes time and energy.

The consequences: A decrease in workplace efficiency and employee satisfaction.

To remedy this issue, the carmaker began searching for a way to give its employees easier access to complex data across different systems. It found what it was looking for at PLM service provider PITERION, marking the beginning of a revolutionary project that significantly simplifies the provision of data.


  • Considerable programming effort for tools to work across various systems
  • Employees often using several clients to access all the data they need
  • Drop in employee satisfaction due to complex data processing

Solution / success story: PITERION develops a standardized interface and web clients

In close cooperation with the customer, PITERION uses modern web technology to develop an innovative architecture. Its key component is an open application programming interface based on REST (representational state transfer) that is connected to the existing SOA connector (service-oriented architecture) and allows communication between different servers. This standardized interface allows data to be retrieved from all systems. For optimal usability, PITERION develops customizable web clients with an easy-to-understand user interface that can be quickly tailored to meet the needs of several groups of users in a variety of specialist areas.


  • Development of an open programming interface based on REST (representational state transfer), which allows communication between different servers
  • Set-up of customizable web clients with an easy-to-understand user interface that can be tailored to meet the needs of different groups of users
  • High gains in efficiency thanks to data management via a central interface
  • Safeguarding of system stability as well as flexibility if the system is changed
  • App suppliers can work independently of developments in Teamcenter
  • Despite use of a web client, all security parameters from Teamcenter are preserved

Customer benefits: Fast data management / trouble-free application development / high levels of security

The new architecture provides clear benefits: By using intuitive web clients to manage data across different systems, staff can work more efficiently. Furthermore, no training or familiarization with the new system is required. Employees no longer have to work with several different clients; instead, they manage data via a central interface, which saves time and energy that can be used for more important core tasks. The company also benefits from increased efficiency, a rise in employee satisfaction, and a fast return on investment. There are further benefits, too: Since the changes were made, kernel stability has improved and there has been an increase in flexibility. The core system will be easier to replace in the future. The REST API can be used again if the system is changed.

The standardized interface also makes it very easy to integrate new web applications for specialist fields and individual tasks without having to develop a one-to-one interface each time. App suppliers can work independently of developments in Teamcenter and don’t require any specialist knowledge of the PLM system. The SOA connector is the single point of contact for customization on the client side. The standardized interface therefore forms the basis for numerous future developments with the aim of making work processes even more efficient.

Product data is the holy grail of car manufacturers. Data protection and high levels of security are therefore of utmost importance. That’s why PITERION has included all customer-specific security parameters from Teamcenter in the new solution – including the roles and rights of each user and strong authentication. The use of a web client has not increased the risk of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

The combination of standardized interface and modern web clients has proved very effective in everyday business. For this reason, the carmaker is planning to roll the solution out to further specialist departments. More and more staff are expected to use the company’s own web clients tailored to their individual requirements. The solution is also compatible with mobile devices: Thanks to responsive design, the web applications adapt individually to the layout and features of smartphones and tablets. This is a further factor that ensures a future-proof solution.

Siemens Teamcenter : German car manufacturer improves data management with customizable web clients
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