Integration of 3D-CAD-systems in Teamcenter

Partnership with Kisters for 3D viewing

Wednesday, 12/13/2017
Automotive/Aerospace & Defense/Transportation/Shipbuilding

PITERION has entered a partnership with system provider Kisters AG in the area of 3D visualization. The alliance enables the international PLM service provider PITERION to offer its customers an integrated solution for Product Lifecycle Management based on Teamcenter©, allowing users to visualize highly complex CAD geometry on their desktops, online, or using virtual reality.

The move is a further step in PITERION’s strategy to efficiently add to its portfolio so that customers from all industries have access to the most innovative best practices in their respective sectors. The result is an individual, high-quality solution from a single provider that meets each company’s needs.


  • Fast visualization of very large data volumes in 3D
  • Display of large assemblies in a virtual reality environment or via a web browser

The challenge: Fast visualization

Today, 3D data is the key element in product development and Product Lifecycle Management. The data volumes involved are usually incredibly large – a CAD drawing of an industrial facility, for example, often contains assemblies with more than 100,000 parts, including metadata. Therefore, the challenge in speeding up the process chain lies in the capability to visualize data as quickly as possible in a virtual reality environment or web browser. Precisely this capability is Kisters’ main field of expertise: the company specializes in the simple and effective visualization of 3D CAD models in a variety of native formats that include Catia, NX, and JT. As a result, no time is lost having to pre-translate data into a different format, meaning that even complex CAD drawings can be opened in 3DViewStation, often in a matter of seconds. An aeronautic engineer, for example, who hasn’t yet seen the virtual representation of an entire aircraft can do so at the touch of a button with the 3D viewer – as well as in a web browser or using virtual reality glasses. In the same way, users can view and even take a virtual tour of entire production halls and warehouses.


  • Thanks to the partnership between KISTERS and PITERION, customers can integrate complex 3D CAD models into their Teamcenter installations and, as a result, into their processes
  • Geometry can be visualized using virtual reality glasses without the user having to install any additional software or plug-ins
  • Further features: functionality for measurements and dimensioning, markups, exploded views, and options for sectioning

Available immediately in Teamcenter©, any time and anywhere

Thanks to the partnership between Kisters and PITERION, customers can now integrate these high-performance solutions directly into their Teamcenter©installations and, as a result, into their processes.

The first PITERION customers have already launched projects for this integration. Particularly impressive is the ability to view complex geometry directly with virtual reality glasses without having to process data beforehand, along with the possibility to visualize assemblies with hundreds of thousands of parts in a web browser within a few seconds. This has already led to a number of new business cases for PITERION customers. What’s more, this can all be implemented incredibly easily at the user site, without having to install any further software or plug-ins.

In addition to the viewing capabilities mentioned above, Kisters’ solutions stand out for other features, too, including functionality for measurements and dimensioning, markups and exploded views, and options for sectioning. Here, the web client provides the same variety of functions as the desktop version (link to overview of features).

This cooperation allows PITERION to tailor Kisters’ solutions to various customer requirements, such as improving usability and developing additional features.


Partnership with Kisters for 3D viewing
Partnership with Kisters for 3D viewing
Partnership with Kisters for 3D viewing
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