PITERION analysis provides detailed basis for making decision

Full clarification of options for optimal migration to Teamcenter UA

Monday, 08/06/2018

What are the options for a viable migration from Siemens Teamcenter Enterprise to Teamcenter UA? PITERION carried out a detailed analysis on behalf of an international brand manufacturer and provided answers to this and many other questions.

“Experts for both the legacy and current product versions were involved in the migration consultation process.” PITERION

The company

The company in this case study is a leading international manufacturer of bath- and wellness products.

Situation and challenge

Siemens Teamcenter Enterprise: Until recently, the company in this case study used this application to manage its construction data. However, with the discontinuation of the product, which has been replaced by Teamcenter UA (for a short time also marketed as Teamcenter Engineering), it was soon necessary to take action, also in view of the fact that the manufacturer was no longer offering technical support.

The option of simply introducing programming solutions from previous use cases was disregarded due to compatibility issues with adjacent systems. However, it quickly became clear that switching to Teamcenter UA instead of carrying out a one-to-one data transfer would mean a genuine change of platform.

At the same time, the company found that there was limited internal know-how on Teamcenter UA for defining the best possible migration strategy in view of the numerous options and variants available.


The company decided to seek support from an external service provider, and tasked PITERION with carrying out a detailed analysis of viable options for migration.

One of the decisive factors in choosing to work with PITERION was its access to experts with knowledge of both Teamcenter versions as well as proven specialists for Teamcenter Enterprise and Teamcenter UA – an important constellation, for example, when it comes to abstracting processes from the old system and transferring them to the new version. Furthermore, PITERION impressed the company with its extensive expertise in how Teamcenter works together with other applications, including third-party systems.

Within 20 working days spread across a period of six months, PITERION´s experts used an extensive analytical process to carefully examine what the company required and wanted in its potential new Teamcenter solution. They also examined all current processes, interfaces, and third-party systems.

On this basis, the customer received an extensive analysis detailing the various options for how such a complex migration project could be implemented as smartly as possible – including specific and well-founded recommendations where components should be left in their standard versions, where individual customizations would make sense, and when it would be best to wait for further development by the manufacturer.

What’s more, the analysis also provided numerous recommendations for improvements at process level, for instance to switch from static presentation to vector graphics in reporting. The project was rounded off with suggestions for measures and improvements related to the associated interfaces and IT infrastructure as a whole.

A thorough cost calculation of each measure made the financial side of each possible migration scenario transparent, meaning that decisions were easier to make in the subsequent steps.

Customer benefits

  • Competent analysis and consultation services thanks to extensive know-how in both Teamcenter versions
  • Comprehensive advice from start to finish, including recommendations at process, interface, and infrastructure levels
  • Clear visual representation of the results and recommendations
  • Future developments by the manufacturer already taken into account
  • Thorough and transparent cost calculation for each measure
  • Very high level of detail
  • Honest advice focused on customer benefits
Full clarification of options for optimal migration to Teamcenter UA
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