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crosslync: a holistic approach to digitalizing business processes

Wednesday, 04/01/2020
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Today’s companies use hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of different software systems. These generate vast amounts of isolated data during the development, manufacturing, and marketing of products. Often, these systems are manufacturer-specific siloed solutions, also known as “road breakers.”

However, business processes that span several systems and domains always need this data in a specific new context. After all, in the age of Industry 4.0, this is the only way to generate truly valuable information for users to meet customer demands – whether with new digital products, business models, or forms of customer interaction.

But how can these overarching processes be digitalized in a way that is both beneficial and economical? Especially when considering that direct connections between systems – even in manageable numbers – can rapidly lead to huge amounts of effort, are difficult to extend, and take a lot of time and work to administer?

The common solution to these issues is to integrate siloed solutions by switching to system environments from a single manufacturer. Interaction between the individual software packages is optimized within these system environments. One example of this is Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

However, by its very nature, this strategy has its limits – at the latest when the manufacturer has no further relevant products in its portfolio.

Image: Two transformation strategies for siloed solutions: integration using a system environment from a single manufacturer, and cross-manufacturer integration with crosslync. Both strategies can be applied in parallel


This is where the crosslync product family comes in, a development from process and software specialists PITERION. The company has been specializing for 15 years in the integration and customization of industrial software solutions and their use in company processes.

crosslync creates a bridge between individual applications and systems as well as their data silos. Users are provided with the data they need across business processes at runtime. The business processes themselves are modeled according to BPMN standards and optimized using process simulations – before costly implementations are carried out.

Image: The crosslync solution architecture

crosslync has been consciously developed as an open, modular platform. Everything is managed via intuitive, user-friendly web applications that guarantee maximum levels of data security.

To help get decision-makers and users on board as soon as possible, PITERION has also created crosslync.campus, a test and demonstration center in which all crosslync components can be presented to a certain extent on a living system.

Image: Impressions from PITERION’s own crosslync.campus. Here, digitalization becomes a tangible experience. The building blocks can be used flexibly by client companies for their own digitalization processes

crosslync.campus allows the various parties involved to design and experience the digital transformation process for themselves, both quickly and economically. Advantages and disadvantages can therefore be discussed using concrete examples, helping to make the benefits clear and tangible.

crosslync.cloud is a cost-effective and flexible way to get started with the crosslync product family. It can help to overcome project or budget-related obstacles and convince decision-makers step by step about planned processes.

All services are specifically configured for each customer on PITERION’s own cloud infrastructure; in the background they use all tools and processes from the crosslync product family. Consequently, businesses can utilize and experience all the features of crosslync.campus without needing to invest in their own infrastructure.

In this way, companies can ensure their digital business processes are effective and efficient from the start, also helping to save costs and to win stakeholder acceptance. This keeps the monetary risk of digitalization to an absolute minimum.

All of the processes can then be rolled out directly into the customer’s system environment.
crosslync: a holistic approach to digitalizing business processes
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We constitute a competent and independent partner of our customers providing tailor-made solutions and services. Jointly with our technology providers we may therefore support the PLM strategy of our customers in the best way possible.