Industry 4.0 in Medical Technology - Insight into a thesis at PITERION

Thursday, 04/25/2019

Last year, our colleague Tobias Petz successfully completed his studies in economics, specializing in law and marketing in the information society. In his last semester, PITERION had the opportunity to accompany and support him by supervising his final thesis. Tobias himself told us what exactly the title "Industry 4.0 in Medical Technology - Changes and Challenges for Manufacturers Considering the Market Access Barriers for Medical Devices" stands for:

„Industry 4.0 means transformation of companies on the way to digitization. PITERION gave me the opportunity to accompany these transformations of various customers. I quickly realized that digitization in different industries entails some risks, but also countless opportunities.mThis is evident in the field of medical technology, because it is particularly innovative in terms of research and development. The results of my thesis indicate that this innovative strength has by no means arrived in all areas of the companies. Especially in the product approval processes and in the fulfillment of changing legal requirements - like the new Medical Device Regulation - there is a considerable need to catch up on the path of digital transformation. New approaches to product data management, personnel requirements in consulting or experts for the implementation of necessary IT solutions will play an important role in the future. The results of my thesis form the basis for us as PITERION to address these challenges with the skills of our employees. I am very proud and happy to be part of this development and I am very pleased to have found my place at PITERION."

Tobias is now permanently employed in our Sales Management department.

Of course, PITERION is also happy to offer you the opportunity to write your thesis with us or to develop yourself as a working student:

Industry 4.0 in Medical Technology - Insight into a thesis at PITERION
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